5 Moves to Use on the Pitch

For all the lovers of the game called soccer, this blog post is for you. If your routine on the pitch is getting too old and unoriginal, keep reading. Below you will read about 5 moves to spice up your game.

  1. Maradona: In order to pull this move off you touch the top of the ball with one foot, then turn, and you drag the ball forward, to finish you turn again. This move might seem complicated right now, but once you try it once or twice you will get the movement down, and from there perfect in your own way. The best scenario to use this move in is when there is a 50/50 ball and its a complete footrace between you and your defender. Once you beat your defender to the ball pull this insane move.
  2. V-Pull: To do this move you will have to touch the ball slightly towards your defender in order to make him/her commit. Once they commit, pull the ball across your body towards your other foot and touch the ball into open space (away from the defender). This is a very difficult move to pull off at first due to timing, but once you practice and perfect it you will look like a superstar on the field.
  3. Pull Back/Stop and Go: Although this move is pretty simple it never fails to trick a defender. This move can be performed in a variation of ways but my favorite way and the way that works for me everytime is as simple as possible. First once the defender commits completely pull the ball back slightly and then cut to either side of the defender. Make sure when you cut around the defender you go with a boost of speed. This move can be pulled off in many ways but as long as you ‘stop and go’ it will always work.
  4. Elastico: This is a quick and deadly move and when used correctly can sometimes ‘break the defender’s ankles.’ Although this move may look like two step in reality it is just one simple step. The first and only step is to touch the ball outside than inside in ONE motion. In order to pull this move off you need to practice practice PRACTICE.
  5. Step Over: This move will definitely get you past any defender all you have to do is step over the ball and then when you bring your foot back hit the ball with the outside of your foot and blow past your defender.

I hope you gained knowledge of a new soccer move that will spice up your playing. And don’t forget practice makes perfect!! #practice


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